75 Dragon Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Dragon Tattoos Design For Men on Chest and Stomach
Dragon Tattoos Design For Men on Chest and Stomach

The dragon has a myth, it can bring the luck, prosperity, knowledge, togetherness symbol and wise and also power and majority. Besides that, the dragon tattoo design can be the spiritual and magical symbol. This is a good reason why the dragon is a mythological creature that mostly known by the people in all over the world. One of the reasons why people want this tattoo is that the brave, colorful design; it will easier for you to be creative. There are two most popular and loved design; the first is the western style dragon tattoo design that has the shell like the bat and has the long neck. The second is the eastern style dragon tattoo design; it has snaked body shape with some pairs of feet and claw and commonly do not have wings on it.

The western style is the mostly used for the mythological history and for no deeper meaning. However, sometimes they can have the deeper meaning like the circle of life, as appears on Celtic Dragon Picture. They also can show the pride of a nation. For example, is the red dragon as the national symbol of Wales.

Whether the eastern style dragon tattoo, it is more than one, creatures like the big snake. This dragon describes the fire, wind, ground and water. The eastern dragon expressed the deeper meaning, for the good or bad ones, they usually represent the nature power that can be beautiful but brutal.

Although most of the dragon tattoos are colorful, they also can be expressed with the black or gray ink. Black and red are the other choices that can be used and usually seen on the tribal tattoo design.

The backgrounds of dragon tattoos are so much like the dragon itself. Fire, flower, and peace symbols are commonly used. Dragon tattoo is so suitable to have the background of the dragon habitat, for the example is the dragon with the sky background, it can also be with the caves background and fire background.

If you are planning to have this kind of tattoo so you have to prepare an enough wide are for it. It is because dragon tattoo is cooler if it is drawn in a big size and become the main tattoo for a body. This wild dragon, but brings the calmness can reflect you as the owner of this tattoo.

1. Dragon Tattoos For Men

 2. Dragon Tattoos For Women

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