Creating A Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Got a Mediterranean style house? Or you ‘we ever dreamed of having a house shades the Mediterranean? Maybe you can get started in the kitchen area.

It is very difficult to find the perfect balance between functionality and design in a room. However, a British interior designer Jessica Helgerson proves successful. With some unexpected items, such as seat cushions and patterned tie-dyed, Mediterranean style kitchen you can create. You need the following item :

Attractive cabinet – The point is an interesting kitchen cabinet through the white paint on the top and side , and black on the front . Add brass on the handles or lid .

Monochromatic tiles – Impression of the Mediterranean will be felt when you change the color of your kitchen tiles with black and white colored tiles eclectic. Do not use plain colored tiles, select a patterned black and white tile.

Unique Antique Desk – Similarly, house or room style middle east , creating a Mediterranean style kitchen can be done by putting the traditional Spanish table that has a unique detail . Could be at the foot of a spiral -shaped table or on the right side of the body left the table .

Rustic Style Equipment – Alas or vegetables or meat cutting board made ​​from wood that has been given a polish could be an option . Do not forget Customise the color board with a kitchen knife and a few other tools .

Ethnic Motif Cushion – Decorate a window in the kitchen by putting a minimalist sofa seating along with pillowcases from fish material or woven or linen ikat motifs.

Patterned Cutlery – Mediterranean style thick with a mixture of modern and classic shades are eclectic. Now is the time to replace your floral tableware, with abstract motifs such as tribal or mosaic

Accents Black Gold – Black finish and gold will make an impression increasingly felt the Mediterranean style kitchen. Such as cake or candy jar , lamp table , chairs , towels, etc.

Below the photo gallery of Mediterranean style kitchen :

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