45 Bird Tattoos For Men and Women

Bird Tattoos For Men on Full Chest
Bird Tattoos For Men on Full Chest

Commonly the birds tattoo expressed the free and beautiful, this thing is expressed by the bright gradation. The birds that are usually used are the swallow bird, ghost bird, phoenix, etc. For a man, it is usually used the swallow bird with the stars (expressed wake from the darkness) or the phoenix. While the women choose the more variation like a phoenix (expressed power) and peacock (expressed a beauty).

However, there is a kind of tattoo that only used by the sailor, it is the blue bird tattoo. This kind of tattoo is usually chosen by the sailor that already sailed with the spatial distance. In the 5000 miles in the sea, they draw that bird in the left chest, and when they sail twice of that distance, they will draw the couple in the right chest. The color of this tattoo is usually blue and black. It is not always choose the chest area to draw the tattoo that you want. The chosen of foot or the other parts that can draw a couple of talking birds is already adopted by a lot of people, so it will not look weird.

1. Bird Tattoos For Men

2. Bird Tattoos For Women

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