5 Reasons Why Must Eat Sushi

Sushi Roll Pictures
Sushi Roll Pictures. Image Via: shogautah.com

Sushi is a Japanese food that has many advantages such as good taste and can be easily created and do not need to have special skills (except wants to make sushi indeed want to show). But, did you know? In addition to delicious and easy to make, it turns out there are five reasons why we should eat Sushi as will be explained below.

Sushi Pictures

Sushi Pictures. Image Via: shogunsushiteriya.com

Sushi Images

Sushi Images. Image Via: saisushi.com

1. Many nutrient content in the fish

Who does not know the nutrients contained in a fish? Although not all sushi uses raw fish as sashimi, no one ever eats sushi, but have not tried sushi uses raw fish for the topping. Fish is always present a part of a sushi because the fish contains omega-3 is very beneficial for neurological and cardiovascular health. Including lower levels of cholesterol in the blood, and also to prevent a high blood pressure and narrowing of blood vessels. Sardines and salmon are two fish that have the highest levels of omega-3 and can usually be found in a variety of sushi restaurants in various parts of the world.

2. Anti-Bacterial contained in rice vinegar

As explained above, the sushi is not a meal consisting only of raw fish alone. Rice Vinegar commonly used to make sushi in Japan was also said to be useful for reducing blood pressure.

3. The benefits of Gari which can cure the flu

Gari is a part of a Japanese Sushi menu created by way of a young ginger cut into thin. Gari is one part of the original Japanese sushi menu which generally is not served outside Japan because the demand is less. But believe it or not, Gari was able to reduce and cure the flu symptoms.

Sushi Roll Pictures

Sushi Roll Pictures. Image Via: shogautah.com


Sushi. Image Via: mikatorestaurant.com

4. Soy is also a nutritious complementary while eating sushi

It has become a culture in Japan before feeding our mouths with sushi, the sushi first dipped into a liquid soy sauce. In addition to flavor sushi we eat will taste better, soy sauce, which used to be a friend to eat sushi turned out to have an iron content and high protein. In addition, the soy sauce also may help digestion, and is very effective in killing bacteria that cause infections of the colon.

 5. Green Tea, drinks required as a companion while eating sushi

In Japan, green tea is a drink that should be mandatory in any sushi restaurant. Because besides being a hereditary culture, green tea also turned out to be full of antioxidants that are believed to be very effective for killing bacteria Vibrio, a bacterium that causes food poisoning.

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