Wedding Flowers, Beautiful and Meaningful

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Like a long-awaited moment, not be surprised if every bride wants something special on their wedding day. Not only the beauty and handsomeness of the bridal couple, the beauty of the house or venue for the wedding sequence was worth to get attention.

Talking about beauty, certainly not in spite of the presence of colorful flowers. Although using the services of decorators, not hurt you equip yourself with a little knowledge about the wedding flowers, so that you can give advice to the decorator on the type of flowers you want. You would not be confused if the decorator asks your opinion. Here are some wedding flowers that are often used as a complement for decorating a wedding party.

1. Roses

Roses Wedding Flowers

Roses Wedding Flowers

Roses become the primary choice in a marriage. In addition to its beautiful shape, roses symbolize love and passion, so do not be surprised if it is often associated with all matters of romance. Each color also has its own meaning. The Eg red rosesymbolizes love and beauty, white roses mean true love, while red roses and white roses are a symbol of unification. Pink roses symbolize happiness or a sense of awe, blue roses represent the sincerity of feeling, while purple roses symbolize majesty and grandeur.

2. Jasmine

Jasmine Wedding Flowers

Jasmine Wedding Flowers

The clean white color makes jasmine considered to symbolize of purity. No wonder that this flower was never absent in a marriage. Not as one element of decoration, but as a sweetener in the appearance of the bride, especially for weddings that carries the traditional theme.

3. Lily

Lily Wedding Flowers

Lily Wedding Flowers

Not only has a beautiful shape, lily also has profound significance that makes often present in the decoration of the wedding. Purity, spirituality and simplicity, are three things symbolized by the lily. The wedding flowers are always open to perfection when itblooms, it seems to represent courage, elegance and passion of a woman’s life. The presence of white lilies and white roses often accompanied in beautifying the wedding venue.

4. Tulips

Tulip Wedding Flowers

Tulip Wedding Flowers

The tulip flower beauty lies precisely in the tapered shape and do not bloom properly. Flowers are so synonymous with the Netherlands symbolize the perfect love. So no wonder if the bride and groom want the presence of these wedding flowers on their wedding. The tulip has multiple color options, white tulips meaning of an apology, the red tulip flower symbolizes a declaration of love, while orange tulips symbolize desire, passion and spirit.

5. Orchid

Orchid Wedding Flowers

Orchid Wedding Flowers. Image:

The unique shape and the kind that is so diverse makes orchids often adorn various events. Tropical flower that symbolizes beauty and pure affection is also present in various colors. Pink orchid symbolizes pure affection, yellow orchid flower symbolizes elegance, lavender, orchid is an expression of love and elegance, while the white orchid or orchid moon that looks so beautiful with wide petals rounded meaning softness, purity and goodness.

There are still some other types of wedding flowers that often adorn a wedding party. However, we will discuss on another occasion.  And below are some pictures of wedding flowers can be used as inspiration:

Wedding Flowers_01

Wedding Flowers_01

Wedding Flowers_10

Wedding Flowers_10. Image:

Wedding Flowers_09

Wedding Flowers_09. Image:

Wedding Flowers_08

Wedding Flowers_08. Image:

Wedding Flowers_07

Wedding Flowers_07. Image:

Wedding Flowers_06

Wedding Flowers_06. Image:

Wedding Flowers_05

Wedding Flowers_05. Image:

Wedding Flowers_04

Wedding Flowers_04. Image:

Wedding Flowers_03

Wedding Flowers_03. Image:

Wedding Flowers_02

Wedding Flowers_02. Image:

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