SUV Cars (Sport Utility Vehicle), Meaning and Types

Full-Size SUV - Ford Expedition
Full-Size SUV - Ford Expedition

SUV Cars or Sport Utility Vehicle is one type of car. The definition of SUV Cars (Sport Utility Vehicle) is a type of car that are designed to be able to pass through various terrain, both tracks off road and on road to carry a payload of both goods and passengers. And most SUV Car is a car with the kind of pick up and use a 4-wheel drive, known as 4WD.

But along the way, the SUV Cars are growing and simplified, the manifold should not pick up or 4-wheel for entry in the SUV category. A car that has a great engine power that is capable of carrying passengers and passing through rugged terrain can be included in the SUV category.

One characteristic of SUV cars is to have a fairly high ground clearance, big body, and usually has a rather large size tires anyway. In addition, the capacity of the engine of the SUV Cars usually above 1,500 cc as required to have considerable power.

At first, The SUV Cars adapted from a commercial vehicle and a vehicle of the second world war, like Jeep and Land Rover. And at that time, the SUV has been popular for many years and the majority owner is the countryside, because of its ability to traverse rough terrain resilient in the countryside. Another example of a conservative SUV includes Pobeda M-72 (GAZ-M20 / 1955), Willys Jeep Wagon (1948), GAZ-61 (1938), and Chevrolet Carryall Suburban (1935).

The term of “SUV” new widely known in the late ’80s. Formerly SUV Cars often referred to as Station wagon car. In the end, the SUV is not only popular in the countryside, but has also become popular in urban areas. Thus forcing it to evolve into a more modern and more luxurious impression with a variety of additional features specific to urban communities, and eventually also form some kind of new crossover car.

There are 4 types of SUV Cars are currently available, among others:

1. Compact SUV

Compact SUV Pictures - Ford Ecosport

Compact SUV Cars – Ford Ecosport

As the name implies, the Compact SUV has a body smaller and of course also the smallest machine among other types of SUVs. In addition to more practical, Compact SUVs are also emphasized on the use of fuel-efficient.

2. Midsize SUV

Midsize SUV Cars - Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Midsize SUV Cars – Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Midsize SUV is a middle-class car in the SUV Cars, has a machine that is not too big, but not too small.

3. Full-Size SUV

Full-Size SUV - Ford Expedition

Full-Size SUV Cars – Ford Expedition

This type is the kind that deserves to be called a real SUV Cars, because it has all the requisites as an SUV, among other great body, great power and great engines. The Full Size SUV is capable of carrying passengers and goods in large enough quantities.

4. Luxury SUV

Luxury SUV Cars - Lexus RX

Luxury SUV Cars – Lexus RX

This SUV type further highlights the modern design and filled with a variety of features and technologies that can add to the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers of the SUV Cars.

Several other SUV Cars pictures:

SUV Cars_15

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

SUV Cars_08


SUV Cars_10

Audi Q7

SUV Cars_01

Honda CR-V

SUV Cars_02

Toyota Rav4

SUV Cars_03

Ford Explorer

SUV Cars_04

Ford Edge

SUV Cars_13

GMC Terrain

SUV Cars_11

Jeep Grand Cherokee

SUV Cars_14

Hyundai Tucson

SUV Cars_05

Toyota Highlander

SUV Cars_06

Mazda CX-5

SUV Cars_09

Kia Sportage

SUV Cars_12


SUV Cars_07

Chevy Equinox

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