How To Design A Metal Fence

Cool Metal Fence For Pool
Cool Metal Fence For Pool.

The fence is one part of the house is the front guard for safety and beauty, in addition to the facade. Therefore, we must be careful in designing a fence. In addition, to create a comfortable eye when looking at the house from the outside, the fence will also be seen when we were on the front porch.

There are many types of materials that can be used to make fences. If you are interested in choosing the metal, the stage of designing a metal fence below might help give an idea later:

  1. Choosing a fence design that fits your home, conforming with the appearance of the facade.
  2. Choosing the type of metal you want to use, which is in the form of hollow steel, solid steel, or wrought metal. Hollow steel is widely used in home design minimalist. While the solid steel and wrought steel can use wider. The thicker the metal, the more expensive.
  3. Cutting material, carried out in accordance with the forms and motifs to be made. For wrought steel that will be carved, after cutting, then carried the formation of motifs or pictures.
  4. Formation, carried out by means of an steel welding, until the steel is attached firmly.
  5. Smoothing with steel sand. The goal is that the surface of the fence is more subtle.
  6. Painting, done with a high pressure spray traditional technique with a brush.
    Metal Fence Design For Gate

    Metal Fence Design For Gate.

    Simple Gate Metal Fence

    Simple Gate Metal Fence

    Metal Fence Ideas

    Metal Fence Ideas.

    Cool Metal Fence Design

    Cool Metal Fence Design.

    Simple Metal Fence For Gate

    Simple Metal Fence For Gate.

    Cool Metal Fence For Pool

    Cool Metal Fence For Pool.

    Classic Gate Metal Fence

    Classic Gate Metal Fence.

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