21+ Victorian Style Kitchen Design and Ideas

Victorian Style Kitchen

Want to have Victorian Style Kitchen? Let’s imitate that. The old house is no longer attached to the sense of mystery, dark, damp, and haunted. In the right hands, an old house can be just as interesting as the new home. In fact, it could perform much character rather than a new home.

Victorian Style Kitchen

For example, Victorian style homes in Portland. A family that occupied the house asking for help designer Jessica Helgerson to expand it. As a result, the old house seems fresher.

One of the most interesting room is the kitchen part to make Victorian style kitchen, Helgerson did some strategic steps to get a better view. You can emulate the designer the following steps.

First of all, Helgerson mixing color palette with good right colors. In the kitchen, she mixes shades of gray that seem “cool” with accents of wood on the floor, the objects of brass, black accents, and a “surprise” in the form of small yellow couch stroking. Meanwhile, the “island” or a table that is in the middle of the kitchen accidentally given the darkest color. “Island” became the central part of the kitchen.

Not only the visual appearance, setting the kitchen is also very important. It is also realized by Helgerson. To accommodate the needs of busy families, the designer provides several different areas for their activities. Iron-legged tables, paired with some kind of seats in the casual space for eating or working.

Meanwhile, the striking yellow velvet sofa can be used to enjoy a cup of tea. Of course, the kitchen also has a formal dining room. Helgerson uses a traditional style, but he also combines this style with different types of chairs.

As a complement design, Helgerson incorporatesdecorative elements of the Victorian style kitchen. Details become an important part, for example the use of ceramic tiles to cover walls in order to give the feel of a “factory of the 19th century “. The use of practical chandelier complements the atmosphere.

Finally, Helgerson provides accents in the form of steel items, such as brass rack, the handle of copper, and ironing table. The final touch successfully accentuatesthe classic feel, but at the same time giving the impression of comfort houses.

And here are some other interesting pictures of Victorian style kitchen :

Small Victorian Style Kitchen with Wooden Floor and Two Glass Windows Victorian Style Kitchen Design Ideas Victorian Style Kitchen With Island and Large Glass Windows Victorian Style Kitchen with One Glass Window and Singgle Door White Victorian Style Kitchen with High Cupboard, Three Pendant Lamp and Wooden Table White Victorian Style Kitchen with Texture Patterned Tile Floors and Large Closets

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Classic Victorian Kitchen Design Large Spaces Victorian Kitchen Design Small Victorian Kitchen Design Tiny Victorian Kitchen Design Victoria Kitchen Style Victorian Style Kitchen Design White Small Victorian Kitchen Design

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