The Black Hole: 5 Interesting Facts About Black Hole

Black Hole Pictures
Black Hole Pictures

No stranger to the words of the “Black Hole“? Black Hole Theory was first discovered by John Michell in 1783 and continued its development by Albert Einstein in 1915 when he published his theory called the General Theory of Relativity. The existence of the Black Hole is not known until 1971. Here are five interesting facts about a foreign substance called “Black Hole”.

Black Hole Pictures

Black Hole Pictures

1. The Black Hole, there were three

The first is Stellar Black Hole. Stellar is a kind of Black Hole with the size of the smallest of the three other black holes. Stellar black holes can appear when two celestial bodies in the amount three times larger than the size of the sun collide. Although relatively small in size, the type of Black Hole is very solid. Just imagine, a mass three times greater than the Sun piled up to the size of Earth. Researchers believe that this type of Black Hole there are hundreds of millions in the galaxy in which we live.

The second is the Intermediate Black Hole. Intermediate Black Hole is believed to arise when there is a pileup of celestial objects that exist in a single cluster. Intermediate Black Hole was first discovered in 2014.

The latter is a Supermassive Black Hole. Maybe a lot of people who have heard about Supermassive Black Hole, because the song popularized by a famous band called Muse. Until now, scientists do not know how the Black Hole may appear. All they know is a fact that the radius of the Supermassive Black Hole is equal to the Sun, and its mass billions of times heavier than the sun. Scientists believe that the Supermassive Black Hole is located at the center of the galaxy where the composition of the solar system is located.

2. The Form and Shape of Black Hole

Decades researching the Black Hole, the scientists finally arrived at one conclusion. According to them, the Black Hole that could not be observed, because no one can escape the gravitational force of the Black Hole, even though the light. The scientists also added that if humans have telescopes or satellites that can see the Black Hole in the near distance, probably Black Hole can be seen as a spinning phonograph record with its epicenter located in the middle.

3. Something in Central Point of Black Hole

Scientists believe that at the center of a black hole there is a curvature of space-time called the Singularity. The closer a substance to the point of Singularity, the greater is also compaction occurs, until the substance has no more dimension. This is certainly still a theory, because the inside of the Black Hole itself can not investigated.

4. The Black Hole That is Closest to Us

Due to the Black Hole was difficult to detect, the researchers are not quite sure where the location of the nearest Black Hole. Initially the researchers believe that the Black Hole that is closest to us is in the central of Milky Way. However, that has changed, because now scientists believe that the Black Hole that is closest to us is in V616 Mon (A0620-00), precisely in the constellation of Monoceros, some 3,000 light-years away from the planet on which we dwell.

5. The Black Hole Energy Sources

At first, the scientists believe that the Black Hole can only absorb energy only. This conclusion is derived based on the fact that any object or substance that goes into the Black Hole, the object or the substance will not be able to get out again. But in the 1970s, Stephen Hawking showed that black holes also emit energy in the form of radiation turns out that until now known by the name of Hawking Radiation. Energy or radiation is known to form from quantum fluctuations of empty space in the Black Hole.

The following are some pictures of Black Hole:

Black Hole Actual Images

Black Hole Actual Images. Image Via :

Black Hole Images

Black Hole Images

Black Hole

Black Hole. Image Via:

Supermassive Black Hole Pictures

Supermassive Black Hole Pictures

Black Hole Art Pictures

Black Hole Art Pictures. Image Via:

Black Hole Illustration Pictures

Black Hole Illustration Pictures

Black Hole Actual Images in Space

Black Hole Actual Images in Space. Image Via:

Real Black Hole in Space Hubble

Real Black Hole in Space Hubble. Image Via:

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