Author: Hilya Safa

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Christmas Island, A Haven in The Indian Ocean

Christmas Island is probably a foreign name for the people of Indonesia. Of the 17 thousand so many islands in the archipelago, there is not an island called Christmas. Indeed, Christmas Island itself is...

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27 Thanksgiving Quotes For 2017

I would like to share with you some thanksgiving quotes that can really help you understand the importance of being someone more grateful in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day in 2017.

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Neymar PSG Hairstyles Inspiration

This time we will discuss about Neymar hairstyle in PSG. The footballer who gets success in Barcelona does have a characteristic in styling his hair style. Neymar is often seen to change his hair style...

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23 Halloween Jewelry Ideas

Halloween is an annual holiday that is commonly celebrated by many people in a very exaggerated way. People will wear masks, costumes, or use different jewels to celebrate that special day. For jewelry, on Halloween days,...