6 Ways to Organize Small Bathroom Design to Relieve Stress

Small Bathroom Design

Aesthetics in the bathroom should also be considered by the homeowner. As quoted in Improvenet.com, not a few homeowners who use the bathroom not only for bathing, but also relieve stress.

Small Bathroom Design

While cleansing the body, home owners can also relax in the bath or enjoy a shower of warm water. Therefore, the bathroom should also be looked soothe even the very small size.

The trick is simple. Only with a little trick, a small bathroom can look as special as larger bathrooms. Consider the following:

1. Colors

The first way to make the bathroom feel bigger is to use soft colors. The color white is not the only color you can choose. You can use other neutral colors or pastel colors as the main color in your bathroom.

2. Lighting

The second way, using simple lighting. Forget the use of chandeliers or other hanging lamps are crowded.

Instead, you use a simple lamp that does not require a lot of places. You can use recessed lights in the ceiling. Soft glow make the bathroom feel more spacious than actual size.

In addition, you can also use a skylights or windows overhead. Sunlight can make your bathroom so much fresher.

3. Mirrors

Third, make sure you maximize the mirror in the bathroom. Mirrors not only allow you to dress up. Mirrors also reflect light and make the space seem larger.

Make sure you use a regular mirror, not the mirror is mounted in front of the medicine cabinet. Mirror mounted medicine cabinets visually make the bathroom look more narrow.

4. Sinks

Fourth, look for a sink that is simple and small. Avoid sink attached to the closet (as in hotel rooms / vanity sink) because it would take a lot of places.

5. The rest of the space

Fifth, use the remaining space, such as the corner of the bathroom, the space above the toilet, or a niche in the wall to store soap and other necessities. With creativity you have, make sure you are able to take advantage of unused space.

6. Bathtub

Sixth, avoid using bathtubs. Use only space-saving showerheads. Also, avoid the use of shower curtains. The curtains will cover part of the bathroom and make the bathroom look smaller.

Well, good to be creative in your tiny bathroom!

Small Bathroom Design Ideas with Storage

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