Tips on How to Choose a Dress Watches for Men

Dress Watches Pictures
Dress Watches Pictures

When the models of men’s watches with a wide range of sporty and casual styles flood the market, dress watches will never be replaced because of its position as the best choice watches as this will be a necessity in a variety of formal events that you should attend, call it a business meeting, an official and several other formal events.

Dress Watches Pictures

Dress Watches Pictures

Dress Watch, also called for a formal watch, besides more fitting combined with formal dress, dress watch will show your identity as a man who understands fashion. For this reason a man should have at least one dress watches in their fashion collection.

We understand that the dress watches are relatively more expensive than the sporty and casual watches, but with a little effort you can also obtain a dress watches that fit your funds, or try to set aside a bit of your monthly income to obtain a more expensive watches and quality, this of course will be more classy.

As a guide, we will share some tips and tricks on choosing dress watches as follows :

Branded or Generic Watches

When talking about formal watches, you will see a striking difference in the price of the watches manufactured by famous brand (branded). Will become even more pronounced if it is then compared with the watches made by generic brands are relatively much cheaper. Usually there is indecision, whether to choose from famous brand (branded) or just buy the generic brands are more common.

Branded watches are usually made of quality materials where the value of quality is always maintained to retain its brand name. This kind of watches also often offersmany additional features. While generic watches tend to be not as good and not as durable as branded watches, but this watch has a cheaper price and low repair costs in the future.

Well, now it’s up to you, whether you prefer to wear the branded watches are expensive to get the best quality at the same time to raise the prestige of yourself, or you want to choose a dress watch with a fairly simple goal, just give the impression that you are man enough to know about fashion. For this latter, of course, the choice fell to the generic watches more affordable.

Material of the Watches Strap 

Although dress watches will only occasionally, choose a watch with a durable watch strap material shall be a primary consideration. Especially if you want branded watches. Dress wristwatch strap made from metal, including the most durable types. But some people are allergic to the metal and can cause irritation to the skin, so the next alternative choice is leather watch strap. Now we need to realize, though leather straps, strongenough and durable, it’s good to occasionally be replaced at least once a year or depending on how often you use it.

Another alternative that you can consider is the material of ceramic, modern look, very strong and certainly light enough. Avoid choosing a plastic strap material, rubber, silicone, or nylon webbing, these materials strongly associated with a casual style that is less prestigious.

Do not Use a Lot of Features

There are many functions or features on formal watches that often times we do not need. This will make the size of the watch being too big, plus the number of dials and small circles are dizzying. Though the superior features contained in a dress watch, it will be more expensive. Suffice wearing a watch with a bookmark feature of the time, date and day only. No need other strange functions of a watch if the point is only to show the time, besides the price will be cheaper, simpler dress watches will look more elegant circular in your wrist.

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