Saliara Beach, Sandy Beach Charm of White Marble in Greece

Saliara Beach Pictures
Saliara Beach Pictures.

You may have heard about the white stone beach, black rock beach, or even a green stone cast that happens to exist in some countries. But have you heard about the beach decorated with marble stones? According to the website Thassos View, marble rocky beach really exists in Greece.

Saliara Beach Pictures

Saliara Beach Pictures.

The beach is named Saliara Beach or better known as alabaster beaches. It is in Thassos. The small beach is famous for its rocks similar to the pearl framing beauty of this crystal clear sea. Saliara beach became famous as a tourist attraction in recent years. That’s why, in a seaside holiday is always crowded by visitors.

However, this beach is actually quite difficult to find. Located off the beaten track, in the middle of an isolated bay. The road to the beach is not too inadequate, making the journey to Saliara beach feels heavy enough to pass. But the beauty of the beach iswelcome at the end of the trip will make all the trouble taken paid off.

Saliara Beach Thassos Pictures

Saliara Beach Thassos Pictures.

Saliara Beach Thassos Greece

Saliara Beach Thassos Greece.

Saliara Beach Photo

Saliara Beach Photo.

Saliara Beach Thassos Photo

Saliara Beach Thassos Photo.

Saliara Beach

Saliara Beach.

Beautiful Saliara Beach Thassos Photo

Beautiful Saliara Beach Thassos Photo.

Saliara Marble Beach Thassos

Saliara Marble Beach Thassos.

Beautiful Saliara Marble Beach Greece

Beautiful Saliara Marble Beach Greece.

Saliara Marble Beach Pictures

Saliara Marble Beach Pictures.

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