Colorful Apartment Interior Design and Ideas

Colorful Apartment Interior Dining Room

Manish Arora,  A designer who fell in love with many colors. Not only fashion he had designed, but his residence is also filled with striking colors. Located in the Canal Saint-Martin, Arora live in one of the old apartments were built before World War broke out in Paris, France. However, although old, the apartment interior looks very modern.

Colorful Apartment Interior Dining Room Colorful Apartment Interior Colorful Apartment Interior Living Room

Interior arrangement makes it feel spacious apartment. Colorful furniture chosen by Arora makes the residence far from being old and boring. Quoted from the print edition, Arora admitted so in love with the apartment, and he felt compelled to “destroy”.

The New Delhi designer can not live in the dark. Because of that, he needs to change the interior of his apartment in order to receive a lot of sunlight. In addition to making the interior more open, Arora also incorporates a lot of color. The colorful already started “shocking” the eyes of visitors from the entrance.

Arora put fish scales patterned murals, cartoon heart shape, and the shape of the bubble letters. This ornament was made by the French street artist, Rude. Arora has been collaborating with Rude for the background design of his fashion show in Autumn 2012.

In addition to the door, every wall in the apartment of the designer also had a very strong character. Arora chooses bright colors. In fact, Arora require six layers of color to get the color she wants.

In contrast to other people who love the hollow space, Arora would rather be in a room with a bunch of stuff stacked up. Therefore, the bedroom and bathroom of course not the same with other modern bedroom concept. He piled up a lot of colorful decoration, various style sheets, and other items that seem “friendly”.

In the bathroom, Arora uses a pink bathtub. Meanwhile, he also uses colorful glass panels as separators. Here are some other pictures of Colorful Apartment Interior Design.

Colorful Apartment Interior Design Ideas Colorful Red White and Green Apartment Interior Design Soft Colorful Living Room Apartment Interior Design

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