2016 Domino’s DXP Delivery Car, The New Vehicle Concept For Pizza Delivery

Domino's DXP Delivery Cars
Domino's DXP Delivery Cars

Chevrolet and Domino cooperated to build a custom model of Spark 2015, named “2016 Domino’s DXP“. This car was designed specifically to deliver the pizza was hot and tasty. Spark car dubbed Delivery Expert (DXP) is modified by installing six pizza oven just behind the driver’s seat.

The oven is accessible from the outside with built like a window in the rear door. The only seats left is the driver’s seat. The 2016 Domino’s DXP can carry up to 80 units of pizza plus salad, wings, two-liter soda bottles and napkins. Visually, Chevrolet Domino’s DXP Pizza equipped with a blend of red paint, white and blue, the typical color of Domino.

Domino's DXP Delivery Cars

Domino’s DXP Delivery Cars

Cars that use a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine is capable of delivering 84 horsepower. Allegedly, 2016 Domino’s DXP is designed to perform at the upcoming SEMA show. Domino itself looks really serious to bring this car into production processes.

President of Domino, Russell Weiner describes this car still took a few years and millions of dollars to actually ready for launch. The plan is to prefix the car will be produced as many as 100 units of the pilot. The price, about $ 25,000 per unit.

This car will be sent to 25 US cities, including Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Dallas and Ann Arbor in a period of three months. Other interesting information, employees at Chevrolet dealerships in 25 cities have been trained specifically to repair the equipment of pizza.

Chevrolet Spark Domino’s DXP Pizza will be produced in much larger quantities if 100 first cars generate a positive response from lovers of pizza and the franchisor.

Chevrolet Domino's DXP Pizza Cars

Chevrolet Domino’s DXP Pizza Cars. Image: Cars.com

Domino's DXP Chevy Spark Delivery Cars

Domino’s DXP Chevy Spark Delivery Cars

Domino's DXP Chevy Spark Pictures

Domino’s DXP Chevy Spark Pictures

Domino's DXP Pictures

Domino’s DXP Pictures

Domino's DXP Rear Image

Domino’s DXP Rear Image

Domino's DXP Chevy Spark Side Photo

Domino’s DXP Chevy Spark Side Photo

Domino's DXP Chevy Spark

Domino’s DXP Chevy Spark

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