10 Best Nioh Game Wallpapers HD

Nioh Wallpaper HD For Desktop
Nioh Wallpaper HD For Desktop

Nioh is an action RPG from Koei Tecmo with a backdrop of ancient Japan, which I think is quite rare in today’s world of gaming console. At first glance, Nioh was taking some elements of the famous game, as the background of the world that is similar to the Onimusha series, a high difficulty level such as Ninja Gaiden, a gameplay and game mechanics are inspired from Souls series. The main character’s face similar to Geralt in The Witcher series, it might just happen.

But that does not mean that Nioh feels like a hodgepodge that no identity at all. On the contrary, Nioh feels like a new game that has the world’s unique and challenging gameplay. In Nioh, you will play as William, a foreigner stranded on an island containing dangerous criminals and Yokai.

For environments that were presented, Team Ninja managed to show a world with the background of the ancient Japanese which interesting to explore. Although not as detailed as to what is presented by Dark Souls III, the theme of the samurai, ninja, and onmyoudou that there could give a fresh breath in the gaming world that is already filled with a high fantasy theme.

The gameplay displayed by Team Ninja in Nioh arguably quite sadistic. Not only sadistic of the visual, but also the degree of difficulty that can make anyone desperate. It is caused by several things like stamina different mechanism than the Souls series, level design is full of pitfalls, and attack system is quite complex. Nioh as if to declare that itself was different from Souls series through the mechanism of stamina. When in Dark Souls, you can still move though stamina runs out, in Nioh it can not be done.

If your stamina runs out, then William will automatically pause to take a breath and you cannot do anything for a short time. On the other hand, the stamina system is also applied to an enemy you face, so you can exploit it to make an enemy of fatigue before the finish.

You can more quickly restore the lost stamina using the Ki Pulse techniques. By pressing the R1 at the right time after the attack, the loss stamina can be restored more quickly. Ki Pulse also serves to neutralize the evil aura issued by Yokai.  The level design provided arguably much more annoying than of Souls series. This is because some of the pitfalls completely invisible and often you can get in the same trap a second time.

The following are some of Nioh Wallpapers HD:

Nioh Game Wallpaper Pictures

Nioh Game Wallpaper Pictures. Img Via: playstation.com

Nioh Game Fighting Wallpaper HD

Nioh Game Fighting Wallpaper HD. Img Via: forbes.com

Nioh Game Wallpaper HD

Nioh Game Wallpaper HD. Img Via: playstation.com

Nioh Fight Wallpaper HD

Nioh Fight Wallpaper HD. Img Via: pushsquare.com

Nioh Wallpaper HD

Nioh Wallpaper HD

Nioh Game Wallpaper For Desktop

Nioh Game Wallpaper For Desktop

Nioh Game Wallpaper

Nioh Game Wallpaper. Img Via: gamewallpapers.com

Nioh Wallpaper HD For Desktop

Nioh Wallpaper HD For Desktop

Nioh Game Wallpaper HD 2017

Nioh Game Wallpaper HD 2017. Img Via: pushsquare.com

Nioh Game Wallpaper Image

Nioh Game Wallpaper Image. Img Via: doyouevengamebro.net

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