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Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Self Driving Futuristic Car 0

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept, Cool and Unique!

Looks like Mercedes-Benz actually has sufficient vision for the future of the automobile. In the event of Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Mercedes-Benz showed off a concept car named Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, which carries the...

Mitsubishi Delica Royal Black Pictures 0

Mitsubishi Delica Royal Retains A Strong Flavor SUV

Although there are some additional features, but the Mitsubishi Delica Royal still retains the flavor as a powerful SUV with the highest ground clearance in its class. Thus, Sport Utility SUV, which now looks...

Honda Sonic 150R Repsol 0

New Honda Sonic 150R Repsol Special Edition

Honda Sonic 150R has a new color option with the presence of “Honda Sonic 150R Repsol“. This bikelooks more sporty with a color cast, which adopts Honda MotoGP racing team. “It was new and...